A memorable ride: Innovating my way out!

Dear reader, First, I have to warn you; if you do not like reading long blogs, this is not the place for you!  How it all […]


Every great story has a start, a middle point, and an end…not necessary in that order though. As you move through it, the sweet and bitter […]

In Between the Pacific and the Atlantic

A photographic journey into the capital of the World We arrived in Washinton, D.C. early morning, It was the second time in less than 2-months that Jorgo […]

2020’s MIP Resolution

This whole journey started with an interview for an internship in the US, that I have been reading about for months. I have to admit I […]

Professional Victories and Beautiful Friendships During Unusual Times

I was very happy the day I learned I had won the AADF MIP fellowship. My dream was coming true! I was and still am so […]

Best of Both Worlds

Doing an internship abroad is said to be the best of both worlds. There are very few times in life that one has the opportunity to […]

Pandemic as an Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global changing event. Governments, businesses, and individuals around the world are being forced to innovate, throw out the old assumptions and […]

My MIP journey in times of Covid-19 aka “Rona”

How lucky am I? I won a scholarship from AADF and got recruited at Luminary in New York, I found by my own a whole apartment […]

An Unfinished Journey

Oh, our profession is changing. Architecture is no longer the old man’s profession it once was. Architecture is about to undergo an unprecedented, massive changing of the […]