Q & A

1What kind of applicants is AADF looking for?
To fulfill the mission of the program, AADF is looking for promising young professionals, with records of remarkable professional experience, who have a clear vision of how this experience will mature them professionally, advance them in their current job positions and contribute to the development of their field of interest.
2Is there an age restriction?
There are no age restrictions. However, professional internship program targets young professionals with at least three to five years of experience.
3Additional to the other requirements, should the applicant have managerial experience?
A minimum two years of managerial experience is preferred.
4If I am selected to attend the program, does this min that I will automatically be granted a US visa?
No. Provided all relevant program requirements are met, CIEE will provide you with the necessary documents and support to apply, but neither CIEE nor AADF can guarantee that the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will issue a J-1 visa.
5If interns are required to provide 10% of the individual program cost, how are these costs calculated and what is the approximate amount?
The individual contribution will be deducted from calculated monthly stipends for accommodation, local transportation, and living expenses. For example, if the calculated monthly stipend is $2,500, the individual contribution would be $250, and the monthly stipend disbursed would be reduced to $2,250. The individual contribution may apply to optional professional development expenses as well. (Note that this is purely hypothetical, for illustration purposes only, and does not necessarily represent an actual stipend calculation.)
6Can I depart to US more than 10 days before the internship starts?
No. Insurance, a requirement for J-1 visa, is provided for the Participant for the entire legal stay in the U.S., (up to ten days before the beginning of the training/internship and on the day of departure from the U.S., up to 30 days after the end of the training/internship.) Furthermore, Professional Internship program will not cover any expenses dating any day before or after agreed dates.
7What is two-year home country residency requirement?
The participant must return immediately to and reside in Albania for a minimum of two years to contribute the professional experience gained through the program. This requirement is at the heart of the success of the program.
8Do I have to identify the host institution myself?
No. After the interviewing processes is finalized, shortlisted applicants will work with one of our colleagues at CIEE to identify suitable organization.
9Can I ask to be placed in well-known institutions such as Google, UN headquarters etc.?
We encourage you to apply for the program having in focus your professional growth objectives and how to achieve them rather than focusing in a specific placement. There are likely highly reputable host organizations in USA that could help you meet your goals. Again, all is required from your side is flexibility while working with our US partner to identify the best opportunities for you and your career.
10Do I receive a recognized certification by the end of the program?
Yes, upon successful completion interns will be provided with a Certificate of Participation signed by AADF and CIEE CEOs. However, our aim is to equip you with a portfolio of documents that will attest your internship experience in US such as: recommendation letters from the host institution specifying your internship job description, your performance and the number of working hours; Continuing Education Credits from conferences attended; certificate of university modules completed etc. CIEE will work with interns individually to build their portfolios.
11Can applicants from the same family apply for the program?
We encourage everyone who considers themselves eligible for the program to apply. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for each individual thus the assessment will also be individual.
12How many interns is AAD planning to send this application round?
During 2018 there will be two calls for applications available, in spring and in autumn. AADF will fund at least 10 interns total for 2018.