American Councils for International Education

Founded in 1974, American Councils is a leader in international education, academic exchange, language acquisition and assessment, and research. It an international not-for-profit organization working to advance education, research, and mutual understanding across the United States and the nations of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Southeast Europe. American Councils partners with governments, institutions, and organizations to establish educational programs across the world—particularly in strategically important regions vital to international relations, economy, and security.

The Nonprofit Times has ranked American Councils as one of the top 50 nonprofits to work for in the United States. Headquartered in downtown Washington, D.C., American Councils is at the epicenter of culture, politics, and knowledge. The organization’s vision is to build a world of globally competent citizens, successful institutions, and responsible nations – a vision made possible by American Councils’ strong tradition in empirical research, educational assessment, and rigorous program evaluation. These capacities, coupled with the organization’s highly diverse, multilingual and multicultural staff, have assured American Councils’ reputation over the years as a thought leader in the field of international education and immersion learning.