Selection Process Internships

Stage 1: Administrative Screening

Albanian American Development Foundation will establish an internal Candidate Review committee to screen all applications in terms of compliance to eligibility criteria. For transparency purposes, the same screening process will be followed independently by Council on International Educational Exchange. The short-listed candidates as a result of the independent screenings will be eligible for the first interview.

Stage 2: First Interview

Only the shortlisted candidates who comply with the minimum eligibility criteria will be notified and invited for an in-person interview. The selection panel will be composed of MIP Staff, AADF representative, a CIEE representative. The purpose of this first phase is to select the best and strongest candidate for the final interview selection.

Stage 3: Second & Final Interview

Interview panel will be composed of AADF Co-CEOs, CIEE representatives and Project Manager of MIP Program. In addition, AADF will identify potential panelist who might work in the academia, international organizations, government institutions or non-government organizations to participate in the final selection phase.

Stage 4: Reference check

All candidates will be required to provide reference of previous/ current colleagues/ supervisors who can assure us about the qualifications and character qualities of selected candidates. AADF will conduct reference check for those candidates shortlisted from the second interview. Only after the references are clear, AADF will announce the final selection results and inform candidate about their status.

Stage 5: Placement of selected MIP Internship Fellows

  • Group orientation skype call
  • Individual skype calls
  • Identification of host institutions
  • Host institution Interview

Stage 6: Implementation of internship in USA outlines three main components

  • Daily work at the host institution
  • Direct supervision, monitoring and coaching of the intern from the designated staff
  • Complement hands-on work with Executive Education Program
  • Cultural exchange and enrichment trip