What matters ultimately is openness to learn while developing your professional interests as well as cultural curiosity!

MIP Program by AADF is the most visionary development program in Albania aiming to develop future leaders from different fields and expertise. The program is an […]

The second semester was about people!

If the first semester of this school year is about knowledge and information, the second semester was about people! Whoever knows me from back-home, can tell […]

Living in New York City and studying at NYU

Pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity from the prestigious NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a great privilege and responsibility for me, both personally and professionally. Being […]

How this experience has changed me!

Now that this incredible journey has come to an end and has made room for another journey that I will be embracing in my homeland, except […]

Education System in Albania and in the USA

I can say that during the past 2 years I have grown a lot professionally and socially and because I am pursuing the same graduate program […]

The MIP Experience – an Important Milestone in My Story of Life

“You guys couldn’t control a pandemic; you couldn’t control social restrictions, but you did what you could with it. And your lives will be richer for […]

The end of a journey and the start of a new one

It’s an odd feeling, the one I have after having completed my 2-year degree. It feels like September 2020 was a lifetime ago, and simultaneously like […]

A memorable ride: Innovating my way out!

Dear reader, First, I have to warn you; if you do not like reading long blogs, this is not the place for you!  How it all […]


Every great story has a start, a middle point, and an end…not necessary in that order though. As you move through it, the sweet and bitter […]