a personal journey to challenges (and rewards) of a MIP Internship Program “Good luck with San Francisco!” said Maggie when the final interview had come to […]

My “7 first” …. in 2021

This whole story starts on a cold January Friday night when over some coffee in one of Tirana’s coffee shops, one of my friends gave me […]

Reflections from Silicon Valley

It has been more than 3 months and I am now halfway through this journey. I remember before coming here I was reading most of the […]

How to chase dreams and opportunities, even if it has to be the greatest challenge of your life

After working for more than ten years as a professional banker, enjoying the fruits of hard work, an email from AADF representatives changed my plans totally […]

Enrichment can’t be enough!

Anything that has to do with trips, I can spend hours talking about (though I will do my best to not be so long this time). […]

Internship in DC, more than just politics!

Going for an Internship program, far from Albania and after 6 years of experience is always a tough decision, but deeply I knew that I had […]

What matters ultimately is openness to learn while developing your professional interests as well as cultural curiosity!

MIP Program by AADF is the most visionary development program in Albania aiming to develop future leaders from different fields and expertise. The program is an […]

A memorable ride: Innovating my way out!

Dear reader, First, I have to warn you; if you do not like reading long blogs, this is not the place for you!  How it all […]


Every great story has a start, a middle point, and an end…not necessary in that order though. As you move through it, the sweet and bitter […]