An Unfinished Journey

Oh, our profession is changing. Architecture is no longer the old man’s profession it once was. Architecture is about to undergo an unprecedented, massive changing of the […]

My amazing experience in Miami

What is a life without adventures? Boring, I’d say.  It’s already one month since I have returned home, in Tirana. I just came back from one […]

Experiencing history and design working together

Here I am at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), on behalf of wHY-site Architecture design team, taking part in a historical moment for AMNH where […]

Turning challenges into opportunites

When I first was introduced with my host organization, Meyer, Scherer Rockcastle (MSR Design) and supervisor Garth Rockcastle, my first thought was that this will be […]

In the heart of technology

For as long as I can remember I have always been magically attracted by technology. Coming from a relatively low tech country, It has always been […]

A (space) walk among giants

Few days ago, I had the greatest space adventure on Earth at Kennedy Space Center, America’s Spaceport, NASA’s working spaceflight facility located on the east coast […]

The unique challenge of keeping up with New York pace!

Once you arrive in New York the first thing you will notice is that people are in a “running mode” most of the time. I do […]

Get that kind of experience that you can’t get in Albania

When I first applied for the MIP fellowship I was a little bit sceptical because I had to leave the current job, I was not sure […]

Joli’s Article

She remembers being on the roof of HP in Palo Alto, talking to the project lead engineer, who was on the roof of a building in […]