The second semester was about people!

If the first semester of this school year is about knowledge and information, the second semester was about people! Whoever knows me from back-home, can tell […]

Living in New York City and studying at NYU

Pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity from the prestigious NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a great privilege and responsibility for me, both personally and professionally. Being […]

How this experience has changed me!

Now that this incredible journey has come to an end and has made room for another journey that I will be embracing in my homeland, except […]

Education System in Albania and in the USA

I can say that during the past 2 years I have grown a lot professionally and socially and because I am pursuing the same graduate program […]

The MIP Experience – an Important Milestone in My Story of Life

“You guys couldn’t control a pandemic; you couldn’t control social restrictions, but you did what you could with it. And your lives will be richer for […]

The end of a journey and the start of a new one

It’s an odd feeling, the one I have after having completed my 2-year degree. It feels like September 2020 was a lifetime ago, and simultaneously like […]

“There are two ways to go about your university experience. The first is to go through university, and the second is to let university go through you”

As I approach the middle of my second year of master’s studies, here at the University of Minnesota, I am reflecting on how different this year […]

ESG Professional and Academic Commitment More than Ever

Nudged by the Sustainable Global Enterprise during my Spring semester, I decided to spend my Summer working on Project Finance and Development for a Solar development […]

Succeding in a Highly Competitive University!

I came to Rochester, NY in January 2021 in the middle of the pandemic and winter season. Although, I was somehow prepared for the cold and […]