AADF has created, designed and owns the AADF MIP Master’s Degree Fellowship Program, a fellowship program aiming to provide to young professionals, who are permanent residents and citizens of Albania, the opportunity to obtain a Master’s Graduate Degree from an approved United States academic institution. The Master’s Degree Fellowship is co-funded with the Biberaj Foundation

MIP Program offers academic excellence on the principles and practices of their professional fields equipping fellows with research, analytical and leadership skills, intercultural education and acquaintance with U.S values. Through their graduate studies, fellows’ academic progress and integration will be fully monitored and supported to secure academic and personal progress. MIP Fellows are required to return to Albania after their studies and apply their set of skills for the betterment of Albania.

AADF provides funds for all aspects of applicants and Fellows’ participation in the program. The fellowship covers the following costs:

  • Crash courses of GRE and GMAT
  • Tuition Fees
  • Room and Board
  • Book allowance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Round-trip travelv
  • SEVIS[1] & Visa Fees
[1] Student and Exchange Visitor Information System